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Built by developers, for developers, Whispir is the place where you can easily build communications into your app – SMS, email, voice & conference calls, push notifications, chat, social media, & rich messaging.

Whispir offers RESTful APIs that can easily be used to communications enable your applications.

Building a server side application to manage communication flows, sync contact information or manage events? Check out Whispir’s Platform API.

Building a mobile client to receive push notifications or manage chats between users or HQ? Check out Whispir’s Mobile API.

Whispir’s Platform API

Whispir’s Platform API provides a series of endpoints that allow users to easily build communications into any application.

Sending cross-channel communications is easy with Whispir’s /messages endpoint allowing users to send over 8 different channels.

Read more below, or check out the documentation here.

Communications API’s Communications API gives developers the ability to:

Communications Template API

The Template API gives developers the ability to:

Event Management API

The API Event Management API provides developers with the tools needed to manage the communication around events that happen:

Contact Management API

The API provides developers with the ability to manage the recipients of their messages:

Whispir’s Mobile API

Whispir’s Mobile API has been designed for use in native mobile applications to easily allow users to build and manage a mobile inbox.

Business users can use the Whispir Platform or Platform API to trigger communications, and the Mobile API can be used to easily receive, search, sort and manage the communications on the client side app.

Authentication, Device Management, Message Management, Chats (text and image) and Avatars are all taken care of using Whispir’s Mobile API.

Whispir’s Mobile API is currently accepting use cases and expressions of interest. The documentation will be available shortly (expected May 2016). If you want to sign up for early access please contact us.

Authors and Contributors

Created in 2015/16 by Jordan Walsh (@jordanwalsh23) and Sanjeev Mandalapu (@sanjeevmandalapu).


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